Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exciting news from My Fuzzy's World!

I am soon to be a published author and illustrator of my dream project "My Fuzzy's World"! This is my first children's book and I feel very proud of what I have accomplished. I just received my author copy for final approval! The book looks amazing although there is one little issue and I am awaiting another copy. Once I approve the book it will go into print and be available on in several weeks! This has been a long process since the day I first started to work on this book. Hard work and patience have finally rewarded me. I am so close to fulfill my dream of becoming a published author and Illustrator! I am also very confident to become a very successful children's author and illustrator. I strongly believe that dreams do come true if you make a plan, pursue your dream with courage, ambition and hard work.

I can also proudly say that I have learned so much helpful and inspiring information while working on my book. I also have spend many hours on research every day to help me to prepare for marketing my book and becoming a well-known and successful children's author and illustrator. I am confident that I will succeed.

I also hope that young readers will enjoy the magic of "My Fuzzy’s World" and be encouraged to create their own vibrant dreams to come true. My book also has another strong message: the importance of the essence of family, friendship, love, respect, courage and diversity. Great values to embrace and to share.

My husband Richard to whom I have dedicated "My Fuzzy's World" is very proud of me and my finished story and illustrations. His love, friendship and great sense of humour have inspired me to bring "My Fuzzy's World" characters to life!

There are so many other "My Fuzzy's World" Adventure stories I am planning to write in future! For now I have started my new project while also working on the book marketing. We can't wait to see our book on!

Happy reading!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to Natalie's blog and "My Fuzzy's World"!

I am Natalie, the author and illustrator of a new creative children's book by the name "My Fuzzy's World". This book will be available mid October 2009 on

I will be writing about my book and my true passion-writing and illustrating for children. You might have to be a bit patient as I am new to blogging! I am very excited to be sharing my writing, illustrating, book publishing and online marketing experience in future blogs. I will be also sharing helpful information for inspiring children's writers and great online writers resources.

I am very passionate about my book and hope that it will inspire young readers to embrace the values of family, friendship and diversity and create their own colorful dreams to come true. My book shares the vibrant imaginary world of a little wise plush lion cub named Fuzzy. After Fuzzy encounters the loss of his close family, he embarks on a courageous journey to fulfil his dream of finding a loving home. He bravely pursues his dream and is rewarded with a loving family and plush friends, who also have colourful imaginary lives. On his life journey Fuzzy learns important lessons on family, love, friendship and diversity.

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Happy reading! Looking forward to connect with you soon!