Monday, June 28, 2010

Press Release for My Fuzzy's World


Unfortunately I have neglected my blog in the past months due to the fact that work has taken over my free time. However, I am back with a renewed and true commitment to keep my previous promise of sharing about my writing, self-publishing and book marketing experience. I also will be writing about other children's authors and my favorite writers from the past and present times.

I like to start with sharing with you my press release for "My Fuzzy's World" from past September 2009:

For Immediate Release
Natalie Lehr-Splawinski
Lion's Dream Publishing Inc.

My Fuzzy’s World, a new creative children’s book for ages 4-8 years by Children’s Author and Illustrator Natalie Lehr-Splawinski is now available at

Vancouver BC, Canada –November 15, 2009 - This engaging children’s tale shares the delightful imaginary world of Fuzzy, a wise plush lion who courageously pursues his dream. Young readers will be inspired to discover the values of family, friendship and diversity. Meet Fuzzy, a charming plush lion cub with a big heart clasped between his paws and a vivid imaginary world in the Serengeti. After Fuzzy looses his family, he embarks on a brave journey to fulfill his special dream of finding a loving new home. Fuzzy is destined to be rewarded with a loving family and plush friends, who have great imaginations like his own. While Fuzzy proudly learns about the importance of family, love, friendship, courage and diversity, his life becomes enriched with merry adventures and true happiness. My Fuzzy's world is gently enhanced by the artist’s delicate oil pastel drawings of Fuzzy and his plush companions.

The Author emphasizes the importance of courage and determination to make dreams come true. Young readers will embrace the essence of family, love, friendship and diversity and will be inspired to create their own colourful dreams to come true.

My Fuzzy’s World is the first book in a series of My Fuzzy’s World Adventure Stories for young readers by Author and Illustrator Natalie Lehr-Splawinski, who upon rediscovering her passion for writing plans to create more tales based on the fun escapades of her beloved Fuzzy and company. My Fuzzy’s World is her first book. She lives with her husband Richard, her beloved Fuzzy and company, and her cat Maya in Vancouver, British Columbia. Lion's Dream Publishing Inc. was created by Richard Fournier (President and CEO) and Author Natalie Lehr-Splawinski in September 2009.

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Writing for Children-My True Passion!

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

I recently rediscovered my passion for writing and illustrating for children and it has taken me on a magical journey! That's when I started to work on my dream book project "My Fuzzy's World" in fall of 2009.

Today I can proudly say that I have fully accomplished my dream of writing and illustrating my first children's book through passion, determination and hard work. My book is available on Amazon!

Finding your true passion is a long time journey of courage, determination and exploration on what makes one filled with true happiness and joy.

Although I have found some fulfilment in my original medical-technical career and also enjoyed working in the Tourism Industry after going back to school to earn a second college degree, I never been happier now writing and drawing for children.

It has been a great learning experience to explore the writing, publishing and book marketing process. Now I am looking forward for young readers to discover the magic of "My Fuzzy's World" and be inspired to embrace the important values of family, friendship, love, courage and diversity. My goal is to inspire children to create their own colorful dreams to come true!

I welcome any comments, feedback and questions.