Friday, September 3, 2010

Pursue your dreams!

I love to pursue my dreams. I feel that dreams are my creative journey. I am working on a story outline for my next “My Fuzzy’s World” adventure story which will be titled “My Fuzzy in Paris”.

Besides I also enjoy making small but significant plans for other fun and creative adventures! Pursuing my dreams inspires and energizes my mind and creativity. While I will be creating my new novella in my free time I am also making plans for a wonderful journey to Europe next year. I am dreaming of visiting Florence, Rom and the Amalfi coast. Travelling always inspires me in many charming ways.

Take a moment to think what dreams you would like to pursue.

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For more information about "My Fuzzy in Paris" please read my blog titled: "What's next for My Fuzzy and his plush friend?"