Friday, July 16, 2010

What’s next for My Fuzzy and his plush friends?

“My Fuzzy’s World “ is the first edition in a series of My Fuzzy’s World Adventure Stories for Young Readers. I plans to create more engaging, exciting and creative tales based on the fun escapades of my beloved Fuzzy and company.

Fuzzy and company have travelled with me and my beloved Richard to many places.  We always take Fuzzy and several of his plush friends on our travels. Fuzzy is proud to have visited Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), the Mayan Riviera and also the British Columbia wine country.

My next children’s book for young readers in the My Fuzzy’s World Adventure Stories Series will be titled “My Fuzzy in Paris”. This book will describe Fuzzy’s & company's  fun Adventures in beautiful and charming Paris, the city of love and lights. The goal of this new book will be to encourage young readers to get excited about sightseeing Paris with their family. Fuzzy and friends will  also learn about famous places in Paris, art, paintings, sculptors and writers.

Here is a peek at a photo of My beloved Fuzzy in Paris:


europe 2005 108

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