Friday, July 2, 2010

How My Fuzzy’s World came to life

One day some years ago a charming young man gave me a very unique little plush lion as a gift of love and friendship. I began to truly treasure my new little friend who quickly became my beloved companion.

Some might think that plush animals are only children’s treasured friends and once they grow up these dearly loved ones are put or given away. That might be true for some people. You see, I didn’t feel too old to have a plush companion as a grown up. In my big heart there is lots of space for unique people and also plush friends.

My dearly beloved Fuzzy left a big foot print in my heart for ever. And so did the charming young man who once gifted me this adorable little friend. I began to build a delightful imaginary world for my adored Fuzzy. He soon became a big part of my happy life. With time my plush friend family began to expand and so did my joyful imagination about my beloved plush friends. I began to dream about writing a children’s book for young readers featuring all my adored plush friends and their unique imaginary lives which I created out of love and fun. Then I began to draw my plush friends and somehow discovered quickly how well they looked like the real plush ones. That’s how my dream became a very ambitious goal. I then worked very hard to bring my story and all the characters to life in my book.

If you like to find out why Fuzzy is so unique and how he got his name you might want to buy my children’s book on Amazon. You might find that you might be charmed with my story of how my dear Fuzzy and his loving plush friends learn about the essence of friendship, love, family and diversity. It is written and illustrated for ages 4-8. Maybe you might like to gift this book to someone special in your life. I invite you to visit my website

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