Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A great book marketing source for authors of any genre

The world of book marketing can be very overwhelming for new published authors like myself. After I self-published "My Fuzzy's World" in October 2009  I started to spend a lot of time on researching many available book marketing resources especially online. I spent hours reading and still was I was  not sure where and exactly how to start my book marketing adventure based on an overwhelming  world of options to choose from and absolute no book marketing experience.

At that time I was also new to social marketing. When I discovered Dana Lynn Smith's Savvy Bookmarketer Guides and  finally could see how to get trough the maize of the book marketing options with the right guidance and experience by a great professional like Dana Lynn Smith. I will be writing more on Dana's products in my next blogs. I highly recommend to visit her Dana's website:


Here is also a helpful link for Dana's guide on how to  Boost Your Book Sales with Social Networking-Audio Program:


Happy reading!

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