Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The chapters of My Fuzzy's World

Occasionally I get asked how I created the titles for my 23 chapters in My Fuzzy's World. Most people don't believe me when I mention proudly that they just came to my mind one day. Actually-this is a true story. When I first started to create the story My Fuzzy's World in my imagination I could also visualize my chapters and  illustrations. I simply had an outline for my story which I then slowly built on continuously.

Most of the chapter names originated from the names I have given to my beloved plush animals. I wanted my story to be inspirational and magical for young readers. Because I already had the creative idea for my story I didn't worry about the titles of my chapters.  I felt confident that one day the chapter titles would present themselves to me and so it happened. I rather focused on my goal to write and illustrate a very unique children's book and believed in my creative talent. I am proud of what I have created!

I strongly believe as a writer that once you can imagine your story the idea title or the chapter titles will naturally appear once the story unfolds.

Here are the chapters of My Fuzzy's World:

1. My Special World
2. The End of My Very Long Journey
3. The Place I Proudly Call My Home
4. Rudi, the Purple Bear
5. A Guiding Light
6. Lily, the Lilac Lamb
7. Sophie, the Sumatran Tiger
8. A New Sense of Adventure
9. Marli, the Polite Little Brown Bear
10. Where Is Maya?
11. Robby, the Little Seal Who Gets Lost
12. Uncle Maurice
13. Lulu, the Pink Sheep
14. Maya’s Arrival
15. Awaiting Fuzzinette
16. Booboo Leo
17. Secrets of My Friendships
18. Little Mayanette
19. PJ, the Horse in Pajamas
20. Magic Times
21. How Love Healed My Broken Heart
22. True Happiness
23. Why My Family Is So Special
24. Dreams Come True

I invite you to visit my website to read more about the characters and the story line. Please also visit my book listing on amazon and enjoy the look inside the book feature which is a great amazon tool to get a feel for inside a book and the story. Happy reading!

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