Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspire children!

I strongly believe that children of all ages need to be inspired continuously. In my first children's book My Fuzzy's World I share the importance of pursuing dreams and following your heart. Although my characters are plush animals they also have colorful dreams and aspirations.

I spend several years caring for four boys from infant to toddler age as a live in nanny in Canada.  I learned many wonderful things which only young children can teach you. One of the most beloved things I loved to do with the boys was to inspire them to listen to children's stories and later on to fall in love with reading great children's books. The power of great children's books is amazing! Children learn to embrace new adventures and also to create their own colorful dreams. I believe that children can be inspired immensely by being read to as early as possible.

Children need to know that dreams come true. In My Fuzzy's World all of my characters have a dream they want to come true. My beloved plush lion Fuzzy dreams of finding a new loving home and family. He has to overcome many obstacles until he finds true happiness.

In my book My Fuzzy's World I want to inspire young readers to dream their own colorful dreams and believe that one day a dream can come true if you just believe and pursue a dream. After all, dreams are precious. I think children need to believe that what ever great they dream to accomplish in live-nothing is impossible!

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