Thursday, July 8, 2010

My cat Maya is an important character in My Fuzzy's World

My beloved grey Tabby cat Maya is one of the treasured characters in My Fuzzy's World. Besides she is a truly dearly beloved cat which we rescued as a kitten. My husband Richard and I wanted to rescue a kitten to give it a happy and safe life. Maya entered our lives three years ago and today we can't imagine living without her. She has greatly enriched our lives with happiness and joy since the first day she arrived in our home.

I have dedicated two chapters to Maya in My Fuzzy's World, simply because she is such an important part of my story and also our real lives. I strongly believe that Maya is a wise cat and a truly unique soul! She especially loves to play hide and seek with us and also loves chasing  after  little paper balls which we enjoy throwing. We want to keep her safe and therefore she is an indoor cat. Maya is very beautiful and always will have a very special place in our hearts.

Maya also inspires me to write and illustrate for children and to create My Fuzzy's World.  I have illustrated Maya from this picture I have taken about one year ago. You can see Maya's pastel drawing in My Fuzzy's World. Enjoy!

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