Sunday, July 25, 2010

Encourage children to pursue their dreams!

Encourage children to pursue their dreams and you give a wonderful and unique gift of love for passion and courage in life. When a child discovers a fresh interest in exploring something new and creative any adult should simply express encouragement and offer loving support. Sometimes a newly born interest might switch to different one very soon as children go trough many creative phases growing up.

I love the idea to teach children to colour outside the lines and to think outside the box. Be creative, passionate, smart and courageous when it comes to dreams and aspirations. Believe in your dreams. It costs nothing and everything if you don't dream at all. Later when we live our very busy lives one needs to continue to pursue new dreams to simply progress in life and to make sure that the passion to dream is being kept alive like a beautiful rare flower.

Little geniuses are among us. They are playing instruments like an experienced pro, singing their hearts and souls out, dancing like a famous ballerina, drawing like a true artists-many different talents are 'jumping towards the sky' which is has no limit because they truly belive they can accompish their goals!

Many rare and unique talents of different kinds are awakened early in life. There are little Einsteins understanding science better than an adult or painting like a young Picasso. Encourage children to dream big dreams and you will teach a child that nothing in life is impossible to accomplish.

While being taught and inspired that pursuing a dream leads children  successfully towards a happy and ambitious life they also feel loved more as their interests are appreciated and strengthen.

As a little girl I was encouraged to be artistic-to paint, draw and write stories. These passions stayed with me until today and I am glad that I learned early on to draw outside the lines. I always loved my creativity which now led me to fulfill my dream of becoming a published children's writer and illustrator of "My Fuzzy's World'', which is the first story in the seriens of My Fuzzy's World adventures books. I am very ambitious to keep my dream alive to grow.

So give children the biggest gift of love-the encouragement and passion to pursue dreams!

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