Sunday, July 4, 2010

The characters in my children's book "My Fuzzy's World"

The main character is a very unique little wise plush lion named Fuzzy, who in his imaginary world was born as a real live lion cub in the Serengeti.

Throughout my story Fuzzy's family becomes enriched by the following charming plush characters:

Rudi, the Purple Bear
Lily, the Lilac Lamb
Sophie, the Sumatran Tiger
Marli, the Polite Little Brown Bear
Robby, the Little Seal
Booboo Leo, the Gentle Lion
Maya, the Delightful Grey-Tabby Cat
Uncle Maurice, the Chocolate Brown Labrador
Lulu, the Pink Sheep
Fuzinette, the Sweet Little Lioness
and last but not least
PJ, the Horse in Pajamas

Fuzzy and his friends and family learn very important lessons on courage, family, respect, love, friendship, and diversity. Please visit my website www.myfuzzysworld  to read more about my special children's book "My Fuzzy's World". It is suitable from ages 4 till approx. 8/10 years. All the Young at Heart grown ups also might enjoy it as well!

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