Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Fuzzy's World self-publishing journey

I entered the world of self-publishing with no previous experience and a lot of great expectations. I was determined to find a well renowned and respected source with a fair price package and quality and experience behind the name. Besides researching web related self-publishing resources I also explored local BC book publishers whose prices were too high.

There are many web based POD (Print on Demand) Publishers. Most of them offer a complementary phone consultation requiring about your self-publishing needs. After a long decision making process with my husband Richard we finally decided to choose Booksurge Publishing which is now transitioning into Create Space. After comparing many other price packages from POD Publishers the final decision was based on the fact that Booksurge offers a complementary listing on Amazon.

The publishing process took approx. 6 months. Boosurge offers a professional account management team via phone and email during business hours and a toll free number. After two rounds of editing my book was transferred to the Design team which accommodated me very well in regards to my self designed cover concept for "My Fuzzy's World". We were able to choose the desired page colors and fonts and some special requests in regards to the book decoration were fulfilled with no problems.

The book arrived as a PDF file for final approval before being printed as proof and authorized by us for final printing and self-publishing.

Overall we had a great  and positive experience with Booksurge and we are very happy with the look of "My Fuzzy's World."


I invite you to view and read the first three chapters of My Fuzzy's World on Google books under this link:


I hope you will discover some of the magic of My Fuzzy's World for someone very special in your life. My book is for young readers ages 4-approx. 8/10. My book is also for all the adults young at heart!

My Fuzzy's World is available on Amazon:



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