Friday, February 26, 2016

Defining Creative Writing

Creative writing expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative/inventive way. The writer expresses unique artistry, feelings/emotions and ideas in his work. Fiction, Poetry and Plays are defined as creative writing.
In non-creative writing, the writer talks mainly about facts: academic,-journalistic and technical writing.
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Creative writing requires certain skills and a talent. Skills can be learned like grammar at school. All of us are talented in many unique ways. Talent is a natural ability, a gift, an aptitude.

I believe that creative writing requires the following:

·         Desire for creative expression in writing

·         Imaginative and or innovative skills

·         Passion to write!

·         Persistence, eagerness and patience in developing creative writing skills

·         Courage to ask for feedback on your creative writing

·         Be prepared for constructive criticism!

·         Practice, practice and practice.

I was always very artistic and loved arts and creative writing in school but disliked Mathematics and Physics. I did pursue my creative writing skills further through school and later on by simply writing privately.

I love creative writing for children. How did I become a creative writer? Read my next blog!

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