Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Beginnings!

This might sound familiar to many of you: New Beginnings?

What does that mean? 

Well, I believe that most of us desire new beginnings. A brand new start. Another chance to prove ourselves, to win or maybe just to try again. At work, at home, with our family, our friends, our boss(es), our children. We thrive to be fit again, listen better to other people, accomplish our daily to do lists. Maybe finally take that long planned time for a loved one, or a vacation. Some of us even start a 'bucket list' so we can label it with "one day, I will finally do it!.

This "phenomena" usually occurs at the beginning of each new year, or maybe just before the end of the old/past year.

Well, I just experienced it. many times throughout the years. I made my list of things I desperately want to accomplish. So I did. Just like many of you.

But did I really start on the list? Off course not, as I am always busy at work, at home-simply with life and its mysterious circumstances.

So here is my conclusion: Never give up to try another day! Persistence pays off.

There is always time for a new beginning. Like today. Today I decided to finally pick up on my passion for childrens' writing and illustrating. 

And most importantly: promoting my children's book: 'My Fuzzy's World".

I did spent a whole year writing it back in 2009, self-published it and got it on Google books.

The time is now. No more excuses. It's never too late to follow your passion and revive it, even when busy times doesn't allow us to take a deep breath. 

So I hope you will discover "My Fuzzy's World and promote it to your friends and family!

Happy Reading!

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