Thursday, August 26, 2010

How do you define success?

I believe that we all define success differently. For  myself  it is happiness, health, joy, financial wealth, good friends, a caring family and a loving soul mate in my life. I believe that these are strong and important attributes to ones success.

As a creative children's writer I am driven by creativity, authenticity, passion, perseverance, excellence and a strong motivation to excel with my debut children’s novel  “My Fuzzy’s World” to a children's book bestseller in near future.

I consider myself a successful children's author always on the go promoting my book and writing creative blog posts and online articles. I believe that success is a lifelong journey of  hard work, passion, courage, perseverance and believing that you can accomplish anything you desire. Some people achieve success quickly and some of us work very hard to be successful in one’s working, private and social life's. 

Always have courage to pursue your dreams.

Take a moment to think how  you define success. 

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