Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to inspire and encourage a child to read printed books

By introducing young children very early to printed books you will change their life forever! Later on talk  about your favourite children books, read them to a child, talk about what you have learned from that book, the story, the characters and about the essence of that specific book. Share how the book has inspired you and enhanced your imagination.

Children are very visual and love to see colourful pages at a young age. This is the best time for awakening the desire to read printed books and enhance a child’s creativity.  Although they might be too young to fall in love and treasure a book they soon will discover the magical effect of reading a book.

Let a young child hold picture books, explore them and play with them. Once they grow older, children very quickly start being drawn to books because they were inspired early by an adult who knows the beauty of reading.


Girl Reading on a cushion, Vintage Wood Panel-artist unknown

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