Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I want to accomplish as a creative children’s writer and illustrator

In my debut children’s book titled “My Fuzzy’s World” I focused on creating a fun and engaging story for young readers. While enjoying my story young readers will learn valuable lessons on the importance of family, friendship, diversity and courage and will be inspired to create their own colourful dreams to come true. I also emphasize the essence of courage and determination to make dreams come true.

Book cover of “My Fuzzy’s World” designed and illustrated by Natalie Lehr-Splawinski

As a creative and published children’s writer and illustrator my goal is to teach young children about something of great importance in life. My story helps them to understand the true essence of different values and why it is so important to gain and keep these values for life.  I want young readers to have fun with my story and also be taken on a unique and magical journey.

I embellished my story with soft oil pastel drawings of all my plush characters in my book. My illustrations, which I believe are quite beautiful  mirror the soul of all my plush characters. The drawings make them all come to life.

I am very proud of my story and my illustrations which will enhance a young readers imagination and creativity. I want young children to understand and learn  that they can accomplish what ever they want in life if they pursue their dreams with courage. For more information about “My Fuzzy’s World” please visit my website:

You can view three chapters of “My Fuzzy’s World” on Google books!

Enjoy reading!

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