Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The journey to sucess

I do believe that we all are on a specific journey in our lives.  I mainly focus on success in my professional and personal life, besides creativity, happiness, health and inner strength. I do consider success as a lifelong creative journey of discovery, courage, perseverance, change, motivation and discipline for hard work.

On my life journey I rediscovered my talent for creative writing and illustrating for children. It takes a lot of promotional work to become a successful writer. So I embarked on this magical journey of becoming a celebrated and well renowned children's writer and illustrator. This is a very exciting, rewarding and happy journey which also motivates and challenges me to always be authentic, creative and thrive to the best as a published children's writer. My creative journey has just began and I will continue it with many more fun, engaging and creative children's books in the "My Fuzzy's World"  adventure series for young readers.

What is your journey to success? Take a moment to define it.

Success art print by Paula Scaletta on cafepress.ca

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