Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visualize your dream and pursue it with passion and perseverance!

When I first created the idea of writing and illustrating “My Fuzzy’s World”,  I also visualized my dream project. In an earlier post I described how this project came to life. I invite you to read about it.

No matter what your dream is-even if it is winning the lottery, moving on an secluded island or retiring early-just visualize it. I believe that we are so consumed with work, responsibilities etc. that we simply don’t allow ourselves the time to dream about something which we would love to accomplish in our life.

The process of visualizing your dream is not only stimulating for one’s creativity but also for the purpose of one’s own personal success.
Off course I want to win the lottery. One day I will. I visualize and believe in it. I pursue my dream by continuously buying a lottery ticket without spending a fortune. I don’t say-I never will win the lottery.  In the meantime I focus on my other creative dream projects and make a plan how to reach my goal.

All you need is some time, passion, perseverance and courage. Believe in your dream!

You will be surprised what one can accomplish with that creative mindset!

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Nurture your creativity!

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