Friday, August 27, 2010

Writing and illustrating for children-a delightful task

I do truly treasure my artistic talent of writing and illustrating for children. Creative writing for children is a great responsibly but also a very rewarding one.

When I decided to fulfill my dream project of writing and  illustrating my debut novel for young children titled “My Fuzzy’s World”, I embarked on a creative, challenging and very enchanting journey. I took some time to pursue this dream in 2009 and I can proudly say that I have made my dream come true. It took me approximately one year of full time work to  create and complete my novella for young readers.

I had no previous experience writing and illustrating children’s books. Back in my child and young adulthood I loved to write stories and drawing was also one of my very early creative passions. Through the years my life became consumed by education and later on a full time career.

When I rediscovered my artistic talent I felt that creative writing was something I truly had missed in all those years. I simply forgot about my talent and also to take some time to pursue it on a deeper level.  After accomplishing my special project I felt some kind of an enlightenment-I had truly pursued my dream project and made it come true trough hard work, courage and perseverance.

When I write and illustrate for young children I feel a great passion, joy and happiness.  I don’t consider it a job at all-rather an enchanting and fulfilling task as I love to challenge my creative mind. I write and illustrate from my heart and with my soul with the mission to educate, entertain and engage young children. I also want to inspire and encourage them to pursue their own colourful dreams and make them understand that nothing great in life is impossible to accomplish if one has the courage to pursue a dream.

This is my dream job!

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Happy reading!

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