Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where to find rare and enchanting children’s picture books

What first comes to my mind is the world wide web-today’s quickest, most convenient and also rich resource of a world information on every topic including rare and vintage books.

I recently stumbled over a website which sells some of these wonderful and enchanting children’s book treasures. You can search by category, illustrator and also signed editions. This website offers an amazing amount of rare and signed books. There I found some unique early editions which are a children book lover’s dream. I discovered the first American edition of A.A Milne’s Now We Are Six, illustrated by Ernest Shepard from 1927. The other wonderful fact about this amazing children’s books and illustration wonderland is that you can also purchase some of the most beloved Giclee Print like this one:

Giclee Print From Winnie The Pooh

Ernest Shepard, an illustration from Winnie the Pooh

Beautiful, authentic and creative illustrations like this one are a wonderful treasure for a nursery or young child’s room.

Visit to discover some your beloved treasured children’s books and Giclee prints.

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