Saturday, August 28, 2010

The magical illustration art of Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer

Polish artist Jan Martin Szancer (1902-1973) was a true Renaissance man. Besides his exquisite and unique talent as a children’s illustrator he also was a talented painter, print maker, draftsman and a professor at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts among other artistic professional tasks.

Jan Martin Szancer  illustrated over 240 books, including classic polish and international children’s literature  by Julian Tuwim,  Jan Brzechwy, Ignazy Krasicki, Adam Mickiewicz, Hans Christian Andersen, Carlo Collodi and Bolesław Prus among others.

Jan was especially gifted with an extraordinary, enchanting and unlimited vivid imagination which he expressed brilliantly and beautifully in his colourful and unique  illustrations. Children and adults loved to be captivated into a magical world of fantasy which Jan created with his distinctive and delightful illustrations.

Looking at some of Jan’s  charming illustrations today I begin to slowly remember the special and wonderful moments in my childhood which made me escape into a world of  joyful enchantment,fantasy, magic and many delightful childhood mysteries.

Here are some of Jan's beloved and treasured illustrations:


J. M. Szancer, cover illustration for Lokomotywa by Julian Tuwim (Poland, 1954)

Szancer 4

J. M. Szancer, illustration for Lokomotywa by Julian Tuwim


J.M. Szancer, cover illustration for Abecadlo Krakowskie by Wanda Chotomska


J.M. Szancer, cover illustration for Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi


J.M. Szancer, illustration for Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi



  1. thank you Natalie for revealing these lovely, lively illustrations. Its always great to find out about illustrators from a different era, especially when they look so contemporary.